PracticeHit® Tennis Trainer

The ultimate tennis stroke and footwork trainer. Improve your tennis Anywhere, Anytime!

The PracticeHit tennis trainer is great for tennis players, teaching professionals, tennis camps, school teams as well as home use. The all-new PracticeHit is the next generation in portable and affordable tennis stroke development aids. Add our PracticeHit’s to your practice routine & see your results increase by as much as 10 times normal learning methods (shadow swinging etc.)


– Develop Perfect Strokes     – Great Cardio Workout 
– Improve Your Footwork      – Build Muscle Memory
– Increase Power & Timing    – Learn Faster from Lessons & Videos
“Like learning to play the piano learning how to play tennis must be properly addressed between lessons. I have found a device that really provides the student improvement for almost every element of stroke production.”       Dave Smith, P-1 USPTA Pro, St. George Tennis Academy

PracticeHit has a foam ball on the tip of a fiberglass shaft that is attached to a base & allows the shaft and ball to swing back and forth.Bands can be adjusted to control the speed at which the shaft oscillates.

Includes Free: 35 min Instructional DVD included with each order.
Features tennis teaching professionals and International Davis Cup Coach. 

PracticeHit is simple and durable – a great way to help beginners develop the right tennis stroke patterns from the very beginning. High-stable base fills with water or sand. Ideal for camps, group tennis instruction and home-use, for players of all ages.

– Base with pivoting ball support shaft that is attached with a stainless steel hinge.
– Foam sleeve protects tennis racquet should ball be miss hit.
– Ball securing rubber ring accepts tennis racquet impact to avoid ball wear.
– Flexible pivoting ball support shaft indicates ball direction then re-aligns in motion
for superb footwork drills.
– Flexible shaft can be bowed for slice or top spin for players needs.
– Dual control bands are easily adjusted to maintain motion for superb footwook and timing drills.
– Ball plus ball attachment assembly exactly equals tennis ball weight at impact

The PracticeHit will intensify coaching with higher productivity and a more active and happier student body in adult and youth programs. “From beginner to base line rally, 3 times as fast.” Footwork and positioning drills are the strength of the PracticeHit, from simple one step in strokes to a running approach from the base line to return a short ball.

“The PracticeHit has turned out to be the greatest tennis training aid ever! Our students love it!A tremendous improvement in student progress.” – Susan Unger USPTA #1 Coach, Tennis Kids


  • Stable support base is attached to ball support shaft with stainless steel hinge.
  • Ball return speed control recoil bands are easily adjusted to players needs.
  • Patented ball securing rubber ring accepts racquet impact to avoid ball wear.
  • Permaflex ball support shaft gives indication of ball direction prior to re-aligning.
  • Permaflex shaft can be bowed for slice or topspin for players needs.
  • Dual recoil band positioning maintains motion for superb footwork/timing drills.
  • Foam sleeve protects tennis racquet should ball be miss hit.
  • Ball plus ball attachment assembly exactly equals tennis ball weight at impact.
  • Proven effective and durable with 10+ years of Tennis Academy use.
  • Available in 3 heights to suit players of all ages:   (32″ Standard, 24″ Children 5 and under and 40″ High Ball Practice) Plus Shasft 40″ shaft for or advanced players who want to hit the ball early and high

*** All Packages Include a free DVD with tennis lessons    

“My wife and I are so proud of the amazing co-ordination and power that our 5 year old son has developed using the PracticeHit, it has greatly increased his confidence level and this will be a lifetime benefit” – Gerry Moore